18 Activity Books Set
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Set of 18 activity books from Eklavya is a treasure trove of interesting activities-paper folding, toys, thumbprints, pictorial periodic table chart, simple science models etc. all lucidly explained and copiously illustrated. The books opens up possibilities of doing simple science activities and enjoying craft with everyday material. These are a perfect gift for children of all ages and open new doors to fun-filled learning for them.

The set is worth Rs. 640 but you can get it for the special price of Rs. 500

Activity Books (Hindi/English/Bilingual)

  1. Khel Khel Mein  
  2. Kabad Se Jugad / Little Science  
  3. Khilono Ka Basta / Toy Bag  
  4. Khilono Ka Khazana / Toy treasure  
  5. Apna Jugadi Sukhmadarshi  
  6. Khel Khilone  
  7. Chalo Chitra Banain / Let's Draw  
  8. Kuchh-Kuchh Banana  
  9. Aha! Activities  
  10. Chhupan - Chhupai  

Activities that can be done with Children (Hindi)

  1. Gubbare  
  2. Tipik Pa Bharr…  
  3. Anokhi Pradarshani  
  4. Patte Hi Patte  
  5. Pass Ya Napass  

Books on Origami (Hindi)

  1. Ek Aadhar Anek Akar  
  2. Titliyan aur Anya Khilone  
  3. Small Origami Book Set (Set of 5 Books)  

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