Hanoi Tower (Mathematical Puzzle)

Hanoi Tower (Mathematical Puzzle)

  • Name: हनोई टावर
  • Product Code: HT2020
  • Binding: Wood Made
  • Language: Wordless
  • Availability: 100
  • ₹ 190.40

  • Ex Tax: ₹ 170.00

It’s a a mathematical puzzle , puzzle was supposedly used to increase the mental discipline of young  priest , Disks of different sizes (call the number of disks "n") are placed on the left hand post, arranged by size with the smallest on top. You are to transfer all the disks to the right hand post in the fewest possible moves, without ever placing a larger disk on a smaller one. One move is considered to be moving one disk from one post to another post. .

TLM Courtesy :- Samavesh Society Bhopal .

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