Fiction for Children

Fiction for Children

It is the form of work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not real but rather, imaginary and theoretical—that is, invented by the author. In Eklavya the authors and writers have very beautifully crafted the fiction for children keeping in mind their age and psychology. There is a wide range of variety in the fiction books which are a great source to learn, sing and enact especially for the beginners.

Udati Charpai

$ 10.00 Ex Tax: $ 10.00

ये कहानी है एक बौने -से , पतले-से , बिना दांत के बूढ़े आदमी की , जिसने इंजन से चलने वाली चारपाई बनाकर..

Untold School Stories

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

This book woven from a compilation of stories. It is full of unique experiences happening among chil..

Vigyan Kya Hai

$ 2.00 Ex Tax: $ 2.00

विज्ञान की प्रकृति और प्रक्रिया के बारे में अत्यन्त सरल और रोचक शैली में लिखी गई किताब जो इस गूढ़ विष..

What a Song!

$ 12.00 Ex Tax: $ 12.00

A woman is upset… Why? She doesn’t know any songs. Thus, begins the search for a song. Finally, the ..

When I Came Home, The Horse was Gone

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

"I had a bag of apples with me," says Grandfather."I ran up onto the mountain, shouting 'Tobba, Tobb..

Who Will Teach Emperor Akbar?

$ 5.00 Ex Tax: $ 5.00

Emperor Akbar wishes to learn everything there is to learn in the world. Witty Birbal makes inquisit..

Who's Next ?

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

Amina is done playing with each of her toys. She is Bored. Amina doesn't find anything to assume her..

Ziddi Shanno

$ 5.00 Ex Tax: $ 5.00

शन्नो को एक धुन सवार हुई | ये धुन लेकर आई लोगों की ढेर सारी बातें और साथ में चुनौतियाँ भी | शन्नो इन..

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