These classics are woven by some great and remarkable educational practitioners and child psychologists. They have quoted some examples of the faulty education system prevailing across the globe. They have tried to layer out the existing problems in the education system to help the teachers, parents, schools managements.

Ab Hum Azaad Hain

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एक अनोखे प्रायोगिक स्कूल की कहानी। इस स्कूल में वह सब सामान है जो बच्चों के पढ़ने या सीखने के लिए ज़..

Asafal School

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The author vividly puts the specific problems prevalent in the education system that are a major det..

Bachche Asafal Kaise Hote Hai

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What happens in our classrooms? Why are children not able to use their potential to the fullest? Why..

Bachpan Se Palayan

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John Holt has extensively written about children and schooling. This book offers his views on the ri..

Bhasha Ka Buniyadi Tana-Bana - Ek Sankalan

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भाषा हमारी पाठ्यचर्याओं, पाठ्यपुस्तकों, सीखने-सिखाने की विधियों आदि का आधार है। इसलिए भाषा व उसे सीख..

Children’s Literature Early Literacy Initiative Resource Book 2 (ELI Series)

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Children’s Literature has much to offer to early language classrooms and educators; yet, sadly, th..

Democracy and Education

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This publication addresses the challenge of providing quality public education in a democractic soci..

Democratic Schools

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The stories of the experiments and struggles of different countries to make education genuinely mean..


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यह एक ऐसे शिक्षक की काल्पनिक कथा है, जो शिक्षा की दकियानूसी संस्कृति को नहीं स्वीकारता और परम्परा व ..

Early Language and Literacy : Introduction and Overview (Booklet 1)

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In this booklet, the reader is introduced to certain foundational ideas related to the teaching and..

Ek School Manager Ki Diary

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डायरी के इन पन्नों में सरकारी मदद से चलने वाले एक आम-से स्कूल की ख़ास तफ़सील मौजूद है। बहुत-सी आवाज़..

Escape From Childhood

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John Holt has extensively written about children and schooling. This book offers his views on the ri..

Jeevan Ki Bahaar

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जैव विकास एक मुश्किल विषय है |विकास की यह यात्रा रासायनिक अणुओं के निर्माण, उनके संगठन और फिर उस संग..

Loktantrik Vidyalaya

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The stories of the experiments carried out in different countries to make education genuinely meanin..

Meri Grameen Shala Kee Diary

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The book offers a coherent, exhaustive account of Julia W. Gordon’s journey as a teacher in a one-te..

Multilingual Education in India Resource Book 1 (ELI Series)

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#Pre-Order. Book Will deliver till 15 April  2020 Helping students become literate in a multiling..

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