Multilingual Education in India Resource Book 1 (ELI Series)

Multilingual Education in India Resource Book 1 (ELI Series)

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Helping students become literate in a multilingual country like India is a daunting task! Students often
have to navigate home languages that are different from the medium of instruction at school; and then
learn additional languages like English while at school. Teachers have to help young readers and writers with
learning all these new languages and scripts. There is also very little help at hand, since this is an underexplored area of scholarship or research in Indian
contexts. The Early Literacy Initiative thought it was critical to initiate a discussion around issues related
to multilingualism in India, and hence took it up as the first of five thematic topics we explored. This book
brings together a compilation of original perspectival blog pieces written by scholars and practitioners in
the field; as well as related talks and resources. We hope that they are of interest to the reader


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