Reflections of the Philosophy of Education
Publisher/Group: NCERT
Product Code: 145B009E
Author: Joy Vazhayil
Binding: Paper back
Publisher: National Center of Educational Research and Traini
No. Of Pages: 72
Language: English
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Education holds the key to the progress and prosperity of nations. As a powerful agent of social change,
it determines the nature and composition of the future society as well as its values and goals.
The choice of the future is most likely to be a tragic one unless it is made consciously and rationally.
Education more than anything else creates this awareness of the need for making a rational choice.
It is hoped that this treatise will give the reader a bird's eye-view of the foundations of education
and also an awareness of its direction and purpose. It will be a decisive step forward in the
empowerment of induviduals in the choice of their future.

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