Research Monographs and other Documents

Research Monographs and other Documents

Researchers who have been associated with Eklavya and some other eminent educational institutes have worked to bring in some amazing research monographs and other documents which are of great importance to people who belong to the world of education. It also stand as a unique landmark of critical intervention in the public education system and also the disclosure of the mainstream educational system.

Bachche Aur Sarkar

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

The author delves deep into the children’s understanding of government or sarkar, how they perceive ..

Bharat Mein Angrezi Ki Samasya

$ 10.00 Ex Tax: $ 10.00

Although English is extremely important for higher education and upward social mobility, it plays a ..

Bhasha Ka Buniyadi Tana-Bana - Ek Sankalan

$ 20.00 Ex Tax: $ 20.00

A collection of papers and interviews on the nature of human language, the unique design features of..

Children's Percertion of Sarkar

$ 10.00 Ex Tax: $ 10.00

The author delves deep into the children’s understanding of government or sarkar, how they perceive ..

Danger School

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

Developed by IDAC team, Switzerland, this book is a sarcastic dig at schools and education structure..

Democracy and Education

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

This publication addresses the challenge of providing quality public education in a democractic soci..

Global Warming in India: Science, Impacts, and Politics

$ 8.00 Ex Tax: $ 8.00

"“Prakruti ki baat hai (it has to do with nature).” Small farmers from Gujarat did not consider it i..

Never A Dull Moment

$ 30.00 Ex Tax: $ 30.00

Never a Dull Moment is an insider's narrative of a historic engagement with school education. From 1..

Notes of Running Feet

$ 22.00 Ex Tax: $ 22.00

This brief study considers the recommendations of the 2005 National Curriculum Framework and Nationa..

On Education

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

This special English-edition presents the celebrated Cuban writer and revolutionary José Martí'..

Reflections of the Philosophy of Education

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

Education holds the key to the progress and prosperity of nations. As a powerful agent of socia..

Science in History (Set of 4 Books)

$ 130.00 Ex Tax: $ 130.00

This monumental work was the first full scale attempt to analyse the reciprocal relations of science..

Shiksha Aur Adhunikta

$ 10.00 Ex Tax: $ 10.00

शिक्षा के समाजशास्त्र से शुरुआती परिचय कराने वाली यह किताब न सिर्फ शिक्षकों, एजुकेटरों व विद्यार्थिय..

Social Science Learning in Schools (Perspective and Challenges)

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

Social Science Learning In Schools:Perspective and Challenges locates the teaching and learning of s..

The School and Society

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

This publication describes the rationale behind the University Elementary School that made John Dewe..

Ummeed Ke Rang

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

"शिक्षकों के बारे में नकारात्मक खबरें व बातचीत से हमारा सामना अक्सर होता रहता है लेकिन अच्छे और सकार..

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