On Education

On Education

These books are based on the bitter truth, critical analysis and picturing the realities of the mainstream education system all around the world as well as in India. The stories collected from outside of the country have been translated in Hindi in most cases. Many of the stories have a highlight on democratic schools and also schools based in rural areas in India and abroad, and pictures the role the educational practitioners, teachers and schools play in kids’ lives. How such individuals mould the personalities of the kids and shape their careers is depicted in the books, not the kind of true stories easily available in Hindi language.

Cardo Ka Pitara (More than 650 Cards)

₹650.00 Ex Tax: ₹580.36

इस पिटारे में हैं अक्षर व मात्रा कार्ड, अंक व बिन्दु कार्ड, चित्र व शब्द कार्ड। इनसे प्राथमिक कक्षाओ..

Children's Percertion of Sarkar

₹75.00 Ex Tax: ₹75.00

The author delves deep into the children’s understanding of government or sarkar, how they perceive ..

Children’s Literature (Book 2)

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Children’s Literature has much to offer to early language classrooms and educators; yet, sadly, th..

Children’s Writing (Book 3)

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Children’s Writing enters most early grade classrooms in India only in the form of teaching correct..

Danger School

₹160.00 Ex Tax: ₹160.00

Developed by IDAC team, Switzerland, this book is a sarcastic dig at schools and education structure..

David Horsburgh Aur Neelbagh School

₹150.00 Ex Tax: ₹150.00

डेविड ऑसबरा ने अपना शिक्षा-प्रयोग दक्षिण भारत के एक छोटे-से गाँव नीलबाग में सातवे दशक में प्रारम्‍भ ..

Deewar Ka Istemaal Aur Anya Lekh

₹80.00 Ex Tax: ₹80.00

Eminent educationist Prof. Krishna Kumar raises few extremely pertinent issues about schooling and e..

Democracy and Education

₹295.00 Ex Tax: ₹295.00

This publication addresses the challenge of providing quality public education in a democractic soci..

Democratic Schools

₹110.00 Ex Tax: ₹110.00

The stories of the experiments and struggles of different countries to make education genuinely mean..


₹50.00 Ex Tax: ₹50.00

यह एक ऐसे शिक्षक की काल्पनिक कथा है, जो शिक्षा की दकियानूसी संस्कृति को नहीं स्वीकारता और परम्परा व ..

Early Language and Literacy : Introduction and Overview (Booklet 1)

₹200.00 Ex Tax: ₹200.00

In this booklet, the reader is introduced to certain foundational ideas related to the teaching and..

Education and Modernity: Some Sociological Perspectives

₹130.00 Ex Tax: ₹130.00

This book explores some of the basic changes happening in our times and the questions they pose for ..

Education in India

₹130.00 Ex Tax: ₹130.00

A thorough and serious study of the theory and practice of education in the context of the present ..

Ek School Manager Ki Diary

₹220.00 Ex Tax: ₹220.00

डायरी के इन पन्नों में सरकारी मदद से चलने वाले एक आम-से स्कूल की ख़ास तफ़सील मौजूद है। बहुत-सी आवाज़..

Escape From Childhood

₹210.00 Ex Tax: ₹210.00

John Holt has extensively written about children and schooling. This book offers his views on the ri..

Flying Man

₹40.00 Ex Tax: ₹40.00

An enthralling collection of poems for early readers. The book also suggests various exciting activi..

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