While it all began quietly and humbly In the form of a few reports and booklets that emerged out of our field work and interaction with children and teachers, it was quickly realized that publishing quality material could be a vital supplement and valuable addition on the way to the goals that we were out to pursue. We thought it to be an efficient medium to increase the reach of our philosophy and ideas way beyond the restrictions that our limited resources and activist power imposed on us. Bit by bit the caravan of books grew to include educational classics, educational modules for teachers and children, picture books, material for young readers and beginners, activity books, fiction and non-fiction, books on various social issues and so on.

Education in India

₹130.00 Ex Tax: ₹130.00

A thorough and serious study of the theory and practice of education in the context of the present ..

Ek Aadhar Anek Akar

₹45.00 Ex Tax: ₹45.00

An origami book with well-labeled illustrations makes it stand apart from the rest of the activity b..

Ek Do Dus

₹28.00 Ex Tax: ₹28.00

खेल-गीतों का ज़िक्र आते ही बच्चों के साथ-साथ बड़े भी अपने बचपन में लौट जाते हैं। खेल-गीतों से कोई न को..

Ek Ladki Ek Ladka aur Ek Patang

₹48.00 Ex Tax: ₹48.00

लड़की दौड़ना चाहती है...पर मां कहती है उड़ने को। लड़का आसमान के रास्‍ते भेजता है पतंग दूर बहुत दूर। ..

Ek Thi Bitti Ek Tha Bittu

₹50.00 Ex Tax: ₹50.00

A story of two good friends Bitti and Bittu and their adventures together...

Escape From Childhood

₹210.00 Ex Tax: ₹210.00

John Holt has extensively written about children and schooling. This book offers his views on the ri..

Essays in Experimental Logic

₹295.00 Ex Tax: ₹295.00

The scope of John Dewey's writings — ranging from aesthetics and education to legal and political t..

Flying Man

₹40.00 Ex Tax: ₹40.00

An enthralling collection of poems for early readers. The book also suggests various exciting activi..

Free At Last

₹300.00 Ex Tax: ₹300.00

This book, written by Daniel Greenberg is a description of the philosophy and working of the Sudbury..


₹80.00 Ex Tax: ₹80.00

She agreed to play hide-and-seek with me. But why wouldn't she close her eyes. The she painted circl..

Fundamental Rights and Duties in our Constitution

₹38.00 Ex Tax: ₹38.00

A Social Studies module, written in easy, comprehensible language systematically introduces children..

Games and Activities Teachers' Guide

₹105.00 Ex Tax: ₹105.00

This teachers guide explains and gives ideas on both how to use the worksheet. And also gives ideas ..

Games and Activities Worksheets

₹90.00 Ex Tax: ₹90.00

This worksheet can be used for any age, depending on the needs of the students...

Ganit ki Gatividhiyan

₹135.00 Ex Tax: ₹135.00

A very useful handbook of Math activities for teachers. It offers various activities and effectively..

Gaon Ka Bachcha

₹105.00 Ex Tax: ₹105.00

Read the heartwarming story of two siblings in an African village. Little Yemi has the responsibilit..

Geet Ka Kamaal

₹75.00 Ex Tax: ₹75.00

A woman is upset… Why? She doesn’t know any songs. Thus, begins the search for a song. Finally, the ..

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