While it all began quietly and humbly In the form of a few reports and booklets that emerged out of our field work and interaction with children and teachers, it was quickly realized that publishing quality material could be a vital supplement and valuable addition on the way to the goals that we were out to pursue. We thought it to be an efficient medium to increase the reach of our philosophy and ideas way beyond the restrictions that our limited resources and activist power imposed on us. Bit by bit the caravan of books grew to include educational classics, educational modules for teachers and children, picture books, material for young readers and beginners, activity books, fiction and non-fiction, books on various social issues and so on.

Achchha Mausi Alvida !

₹ 40.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 40.00

भैंस के गोबर में फंसी एक चिड़िया कैसे एक बिल्ली से अपनी जान बचाती है.....

Addicted to War - Why the U.S. Can't Kick Militarism

₹ 200.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 200.00

This charming political comic expose details the shocking truths,  based on verifiable fact, b..

Aditi Aur Ek Aankh Wali Bandariya

₹ 65.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 65.00

Read to enjoy the fun-filled, adventurous story of a courageous girl Aditi, an elephant Sundari, and..

Aditi Aur Samudri Sanyasin

₹ 60.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 60.00

Aditi and friends are on a mission in Australia. Everyone is excited, but the elephant is upset. She..

Aditi Aur Thames Nadi Ka Dragon

₹ 60.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 60.00

Next in the series, Aditi and friends receive a mysterious letter from Rohit and Roshan, seeking urg..

Aditi Aur Uske Dost Shemeek Kee Talaash Mein

₹ 50.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 50.00

An official visit to Prague takes a strange turn. The naughty granddaughter of Princess Libusha cast..

Aditi Aur Uske Dosto Ne Kiya Jwalamukhi Daitya Ka Samana

₹ 50.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 50.00

Goldie the dragon is missing! Aditi and friends follow a clue and reach Cumae, Italy where Goldie wa..

Aditi Aur Uske Doston Ki Grendel Se Mulaqaat

₹ 55.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 55.00

Aditi’s grandmother is unwell, and there is a certain rose that may make her feel better. The quest ..

Aditi Aur Uske Doston Ne Ki Budapest Badlu Ki Madad

₹ 60.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 60.00

In Budapest, Hungary lives a changeling (a little creature who keeps changing into whatever anyone t..

Aditi Aur Vigyani Sanyasin

₹ 60.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 60.00

Aditi and her friends and a cub are off to Canada on a mission: to deliver a message to Techno Sage...

Aditi Ki Sahas Kathayen (Set of 4 Books) Bhag-1

₹ 245.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 245.00

अदिति के नाना-नानी पश्चिमी भारत की एक छोटी-सी रियासत के शासक हैं। वह उन्हीं के साथ रहती है। उसके दोस..

Aditi Ki Sahas Kathayen (Set of 4 Books) Bhag-2

₹ 280.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 280.00

अदिति के नाना-नानी पश्चिमी भारत की एक छोटी-सी रियासत के शासक हैं। वह उन्हीं के साथ रहती है। उसके दोस..

Adrashya Log

₹ 85.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 85.00

क्या अपने कभी उन लोगो को ध्यान से देखा है जो आपके आसपास की सडकों पर अपना जीवन बिताते है ? ऐसे कई लोग..

Aha! Activities

₹ 185.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 185.00

It’s a treasure trove of interesting activities-paper folding, toys, thumbprints, pictorial periodic..

Ajooba Aur Anya Kahaniya

₹ 65.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 65.00

बस्ती के छोर की  नर्सरी के किनारे से धीरे धीरे पानी रिसने लगा था, किसी की पता नहीं था कि प..

Akal aur Uske Baad

₹ 30.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 30.00

अकाल और उसके बाद की परिस्थितियों को दर्शाती चित्रकथा !..

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