While it all began quietly and humbly In the form of a few reports and booklets that emerged out of our field work and interaction with children and teachers, it was quickly realized that publishing quality material could be a vital supplement and valuable addition on the way to the goals that we were out to pursue. We thought it to be an efficient medium to increase the reach of our philosophy and ideas way beyond the restrictions that our limited resources and activist power imposed on us. Bit by bit the caravan of books grew to include educational classics, educational modules for teachers and children, picture books, material for young readers and beginners, activity books, fiction and non-fiction, books on various social issues and so on.

Chhutki Gilhari

₹ 15.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 15.00

कविता के माध्यम से भोपाल शहर के एक हिस्से का किस्सा बयाँ करते-करते हमारे आस-पास के पेड़-पौधों की देखभ..

Chhutki Ullee

₹ 20.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 20.00

Have you ever wondered how deep the ocean really is? How far the sky is? Chhutki Ulli helps you find..

Chichibaba ke Bhai

₹ 45.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 45.00

दो भाइयों के बीच प्रेम और नफरत की कहानी। उनकी नफरत आगे चलकर एक देश को बाँटकर दो मुल्क बना देती है। म..

Chidiya Ki Bhayli

₹ 45.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 45.00

चिड़िया और चुहिया ऐसी भाएली थी जिनमे ज्यादा नहीं पटती थी, पर एक-दुसरे के बिना रह भी नहीं पाती थी|ऐसा ..

Children's Percertion of Sarkar

₹ 75.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 75.00

The author delves deep into the children’s understanding of government or sarkar, how they perceive ..

Children’s Literature Early Literacy Initiative Resource Book 2 (ELI Series)

₹ 250.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 250.00

Children’s Literature has much to offer to early language classrooms and educators; yet, sadly, th..

Children’s Writing Resource Book 3 (ELI Series)

₹ 250.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 250.00

Children’s Writing enters most early grade classrooms in India only in the form of teaching correct..

Chitra Paheli
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Chitra Paheli

₹ 30.00 ₹ 36.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 30.00

An exciting collection of picture crosswords to tickle your brain...

Chudail ka Nashta aur Anya Kahaniyaan

₹ 70.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 70.00

बोलने वाली चिड़िया, बगावत करते बच्चे, बारामासी जंगल, गुलर नु फूल, खुशियाँ लाने वाली जादुई..

Chuhe ko Mili Pencil

₹ 25.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 25.00

A hilarious picture story of a mouse who found a pencil. Find out what mouse does with the pencil. C..

Chuhe Ko Mili Pencil (Urdu)

₹ 15.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 15.00

A hilarious picture story of a mouse who found a pencil. Find out what mouse does with the pencil. C..

Chutkiya ki Chutiya

₹ 45.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 45.00

गुणिया अपने लंबे बालों की वजह से काफ़ी परेशान रहती थी । गर्मी तो लगती ही थी और पसीना भी खूब आता था। व..

Chutkoo Ud Chala ...

₹ 70.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 70.00

Chhutku is bored of his small nest; he wishes to explore the big world! Read about who all Chhutku m..

CLI-Set Of 18 Books (Children's Language and Intestests Reading Programme)

₹ 220.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 220.00

चित्रकथाएँ, जिनमें बच्चों और बचपन की अलग-अलग बातों को दर्शाया गया है। इन चित्रकथाओं में नई चीज़ों को ..


₹ 40.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 40.00

A counting book for young children that features the sometimes active but sometimes lazing, but fore..

Cycle Ka Sapna

₹ 65.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 65.00

This book was created out of a workshop held with children at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Bom..

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