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Today, education has taken on a whole new and modern approach. Computers are an essential part of every classroom and teachers are using DVDs, CD-ROMs and videos to show students how things work and operate. Explore and learn” is a trait that is in a child’s blood from the early ages of their life. Taking this ideology a little further, Eklavya had come up with multimedia based learning that gives children a chance to learn better through visual medium.

Bato, Napo, Bhinn Batlao

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The teaching of fraction has been a subject of great debate and concern over the last several decade..

Samajik Adhyayan Kaksha 6, 7 & 8 CD

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इस सी.डी. में दी गई पाठ्यपुस्तकें सामाजिक अध्ययन की पढ़ाई को विचारधाराओं की मौजूदा बहस से आगे ले जाकर..

Social Studies Class 6, 7 & 8 in CD

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