Informative Books

Informative Books

To tinkle the curiosities of young ones we have set of books which are based on facts/ figures and information which are a great source for teaching and learning purposes.

Apne Haath Vigyan

$ 12.00 Ex Tax: $ 12.00

A collection of interesting and useful science activities for teachers. Well-organized, illustrated ..

Jab Mahilaon Ne Shikaar Kiya Tab Purushon ne Kya Kiya ?

$ 2.00 Ex Tax: $ 2.00

मध्यकालीन शिल्पों मे महिला शिकारियों की मज़ेदार कहानियाँ ।..

Jab Purushon ne Kiya Shikaar Tab mahilaon ne Kya Kiya ?

$ 2.00 Ex Tax: $ 2.00

शैल चित्र के ज़रिए पाषाणकाल की महिलाओं के कामो की रोचक पड़ताल।     ..

Jangali Sarson Ke Uphaar

$ 10.00 Ex Tax: $ 10.00

क्या आप जानते है कि जो पौधे आज हम खाते है वे पहले नहीं होते थे? बंद गोभी, फूल गोभी या मुली पहले नहीं..

Nature Society Series (Maharashtra Map)

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

# Why this series of books?All over the world we face challenges in the contexts of the environment ..

Nature Society Series (Maharashtra Map- Marathi)

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

आपल्याला संपूर्ण जगात पर्यावरण आणि लोकांच्या सुखद जीवनात, इतर प्रकारच्या जीवनात आव्हानांचा सामना क..

Nature-Society Series: Rajasthan (English)

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

The present series of small books on Indian states have an innovative map with a brief text. It seek..

Saur Urja ki Kahani

$ 6.00 Ex Tax: $ 6.00

एक सरल कॉमिक-बुक। जो सौर ऊर्जा के विकास और भविष्‍य में ऐसे ऊर्जा स्‍त्रोतों की उपयोगिता पर रोशनी डाल..

Social Implications of Schooling

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

Education has always been an area of conversation. More so, in our times, when we are witnessing the..

SPROUT: A Social geography of Rajasthan

$ 25.00 Ex Tax: $ 25.00

SPROUT: A Social geography of Rajasthan. Sprout delves into multiple connotations life in the desert..

While the men went hunting, what did the women do?

$ 3.00 Ex Tax: $ 3.00

An Exploration of What women in the Ston age did based on rock painting &nbs..

While the women went hunting, what did the men do?

$ 4.00 Ex Tax: $ 4.00

There is  a common notion that hunting is the work of men. Yet, sculptures in central and south..

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