Lynette's Journey
Publisher/Group: Eklavya
Product Code: 9789381300732
Author: Hanne Bramness
Illustrator: Nargis Shaikh
Translator: Marietta Taralrud Maddrell
ISBN-13: 978-93-81300-73-2
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Eklavya
No. Of Pages: 156
Language: English
Availability: 970
Rs. 110.00
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Hanne Barmness ‘Lynette’s journey’ is the story of a girl who was abandoned by her parents and her lover, to survive in a cold and dangerous world.

This story follows frame by frame around her youth form Argentina to a war torn England. In the back-drop of war you will find a heart achingly lyrical love story, which is sensitive enough to define the cruel realities of life.

The author has given us her own fresh take on the life of a teenage girl. A sorrowful imprint of life filed with war, loneliness and lost love. But in every story there is a hope and in this one, Lynette itself is that hope. 

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