Chakmak: A monthly literature and science magazine published in Hindi from India for children, which gives space to their own creativity as well. Created for kids 11-14 years old, it ignores stereotypes by treating children as sensible beings, speaking to them in a language of equals.

Sandarbh: A bimonthly Indian magazine published in Hindi for school teachers on science and education. A resource bank for teachers, it serves as a repository of innovative pedagogical methods to be tried out with kids, and teachers' classroom experiences in addition to articles that explain a range of curricular and related topics. 

Srote: A monthly compilation of news and features in science and technology from around the world, published in Hindi from India. These articles are part of a weekly service that provides reliable, quality material newspapers and magazines in a language palatable to their readers, which can include children as well as adults.

Chakmak - Subscription

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यूँ तो चकमक को बड़े भी चाव से पढ़ते हैं पर मुख्यतौर पर यह 11-14 साल के इर्द-गिर्द के पाठकों को ध्यान म..

Sandarbh - Subscription

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A resource bank for teachers A school teacher in India often has access only to the prescribed text..

Srote - Subscription

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The paucity and poor quality of science and technology stories carried in the media has been a major..

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