Picture Stories

Picture Stories

All over the world, picture stories are the stepping stones for children in getting to know the adventurous and joyful world of books, getting familiarised with the world of printed texts and grappling with the techniques of reading through taking short strides. This is true in case of India as well. The books in this series cover an entire range of texts and stories for children in India; read-alouds for toddlers, short one-liners with articulate illustrations for the 4-6 years age group, and books that challenge and satisfy a more practiced reader. Once children are duly exposed this wonderful and adventurous experience, there is no need to look back!

Nona aur Seb ka Ped

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

​सेबों  की पूरी दुनिया सेबों के बीज में सेबों का पेड़ पूरा छोटी सी चीज में।..

O Harial Ped (Urdu)/ O Flowering Tree

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

A bilingual (English-Urdu) Oriya folktale beautifully shows the cyclic and intertwined nature of lif..

O Harial Ped / O Flowering Tree

$ 4.00 Ex Tax: $ 4.00

A bilingual (English-Hindi) Oriya folktale beautifully shows the cyclic and intertwined nature of li..

Oo & Too

$ 4.00 Ex Tax: $ 4.00

Oo & Too is a great children’s story. It gives the mind a rest, has play in its language, entert..

Oont ka Phool

$ 7.00 Ex Tax: $ 7.00

ऊँट अपनी दुनिया के बारे मे सब जानता था। जब वह मिला फूल से तो दुनिया वही थी पर उसे देखने का नज़रिया कु..

Our Wiggly Friends, Earthworms

$ 12.00 Ex Tax: $ 12.00

 Meet the earthworms...nature's humble heroes and farmers' friends. They are squirmy, slimy, an..

Parbat Ka Pret

$ 6.00 Ex Tax: $ 6.00

This is a true story of a young Ladakhi boy Rigzin, who lives in a small village. One morning, the v..

Pass Ya Napass

$ 2.00 Ex Tax: $ 2.00

नैतिक शिक्षा के नाम पर बच्चों को ‘यह करो ’, ‘यह न करो’ जैसे सबक सिखाने के बदले यह किताब बच्चों के वि..


$ 3.00 Ex Tax: $ 3.00

चर्चित कवि राजेश जोशी की कविता जिसमे पतंग की उड़ान भी है और दोस्ती का जज़्बा भी।..

Patang Ki Karamat

$ 4.00 Ex Tax: $ 4.00

पतंग उड़ी, उड़ी और उड़ती चली गई आसमान में। फिर जा अटकी चाँद पर।  जब बापस धरती पर लौटी तो अ..

Payal is Lost

$ 7.00 Ex Tax: $ 7.00

Payal has not been seen in the basti since morning. Where could she have gone.. ? Come on, let's go ..

Payal Kho Gai

$ 5.00 Ex Tax: $ 5.00

 सुबह से पायल कहीं दिख नहीं रही, कहाँ गई... चलो उसको ढूंढने चलें। ..

Pehla Ghar / The First House

$ 3.00 Ex Tax: $ 3.00

A bilingual, Santhali folktale about two friends who set out to build a house for the first time in ..

Phulkari Goes Brinjaling

$ 7.00 Ex Tax: $ 7.00

The first graders are excited when their teacher announces a very new weird day- Brinjaling day ! Bu..

Po ne diya Chakma

$ 5.00 Ex Tax: $ 5.00

क्या तुम एक ऐसे प्राणी की कल्पना  सकते हो, जिसकी जीभ  उसके शरीर जितनी लम्बी हो ? इसे इतनी ..

Po Tricks His Foe

$ 8.00 Ex Tax: $ 8.00

Can You Imagine an animal with a tongue almost as long as its body? Why would it need such a long on..

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