Looking at the changing trend and increasing preference for e-commerce Eklavya has exclusively designed and launched PitaraKART. Through PitaraKART, in addition to Eklavya materials, you will be able to procure a range of carefully selected books and educational materials of selected publishers and organisations from India, at a click.

Advantages of PitaraKART:

  • Convenient, fast, easy and safe: This makes the handling of your Payment Processes and transactions a lot easier.
  • Data Management – One Stop shop: You can select items and put them in your wish list and also enjoy features like Net banking, bank transfers, online banking, Credit Card Processing, Customer Order History.
  • Showcase Products – Online Shopping Window: It gives our customers an instant access to our publications and the best offers that are available at the moment. 
  • Easy Checkout Features- No Waiting in the Queue: There is absolutely “No Worry” of the security in the payment modes because it is a lot safer and convenient. It is quick and time saving for our buyers.
  • Discounting & Coupons: On registering, you are updated with our current offers and discounts.