Regaining Paradise
Publisher/Group: Publishing Collective
Product Code: 192B00E
Author: T. Vijayendra
Binding: paperback
Publisher: Publishing Collective
No. Of Pages: 129
Language: English
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Global warming and peak oil have posed an imminent crisis of capitalism globally. However,
most political activists appear to be unaware of the extent, the inter-connectedness and the immediacy of the crisis.
While many may be vaguely aware that the system is breaking down, most countries are not ready for the changes
that must be made. This book attempts to present some solutions to that the author believes will help Indians,
activists in particular, to prepare for such a transistion, in a simple and easy to understand format. 

This book is divided into three parts for ease of understanding.
The first educates the reader on the problems of fossil fuels,
the second is a vision document for a fossil fuel free future,
and the third contains practical ideas for action. 

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