Written by Children

Written by Children

The children many a times are more creative and expressive than the adults. Adding to the fact that they are often free from any inhibitions and dare to express their worldviews coercive, competitive and oppressive environment is definitely a challenge. We have books which are a beautiful collection of children’s writings, also illustrated vividly with children’s drawings, these books present a stunning record of child’s point of view, both literally and figuratively!

Tees Ki Murgi Bees Main

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रोजमर्रा की जिंदगी के बारे में लिखे बच्चों के किस्से कहानियाँ, उनके विचार और अनेक चीजों पर  उनक..


₹ 40.00 Ex Tax: ₹ 40.00

A collection of writings and art by children, where they look at life from their perspective and exp..

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